Duties of the Chief Bridesmaid

by | 16 May

Chief bridesmaid, maid of honour, best friend – call her what you like, the head bridesmaid’s duties remain pretty much the same! You’re most likely a close friend or relative of the bride and, as such, may be called on for those more intimate tasks in the lead up to the big day, as well as on the wedding day itself. 

But what else is involved?

1 – Organise the hen do

Some would say the most important task pre-wedding – making sure the bride has a fabulous send off as a single woman! From helping with the guest list to find a venue and booking activities, a hen do can be a complicated thing to sort. But enlist the help of the bridesmaids, and make sure you’re aligning your plans with the bride’s wishes, and all will be fabulous! Champagne anyone?

2 – Delegate tasks to the bridesmaids

This is so important both before and during the wedding day. There can be a lot of little tasks that need completing and having a team around you to stop you (and by extension the bride!) getting overwhelmed is essential.

3- Keep the bride calm and provide emotional support 

Weddings are an emotional time and if you can be a literal and figurative shoulder to cry on for the bride, she will love you forever!

4- Be a point of contact for guests

Be prepared to give your phone number out on the invitations to be a point of contact for those guests who need help on the wedding day.

5 – Zhoosh the dress and look after the bouquet 

Wedding photos are nothing without a dress that looks amazing! Be on hand during all group and couple photos to help keep the bride’s dress looking pristine. You’ll also need to hold her bouquet during the service and some images, then find a safe place to display it for the rest of the reception. 

Optional tasks include going wedding dress shopping with the bride and giving a speech at the wedding reception.  

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