How does Partial Planning Work?

by | 3 February



The beauty of Partial Wedding Planning is that it can be implemented at any stage. When you first become engaged it is so very exciting. You will be busy telling family and friends and then choosing a ring if you have not already been presented with one. Of course you will then have to see all your friends to show it off and celebrate and why shouldn’t you. It is a time to enjoy and cherish.

You might well have been dreaming of this day for a long time and will know exactly the kind of day you would like. How hard can it be to plan a wedding when you have been thinking about it for such a long time? A month or two can then pass by and you will suddenly decide that you had better start planning. You may well have started the initial stages. You might have found and booked a venue, or you have a lovely garden or site to have a marquee. You might have got some caterers on board and then you think the wedding is six months away and you haven’t got a free weekend for a month, so no time to plan. You might have started to look for suppliers and become overwhelmed over choice and not knowing whether they would be the right fit or budget. Work is pressing and you feel that maybe you just need some help. Don’t be reticent or embarrassed about asking for help with planning a wedding. It is time consuming and so many decisions to make. After all a wedding can take anything from 200 hours to 400 hours to plan. Sometimes it just helps to chat to a wedding planner to put things into perspective and work out what needs to be done.


When I start the Partial Planning process I take over all the wed min and nitty gritty tasks. I will suggest and help source any remaining suppliers, and check you have contracts signed and all deposits paid, so that you know that you will not be let down on your wedding day. You might have family and friends travelling from abroad so need help with accommodation.

I always see myself as a couple’s PA for the duration. I am there to get on with all the admin and boring bits to make sure that you have the wedding you wish. Life does just get busier and busier. I do not take over and boss you around. It is entirely your day. I will of course be in attendance on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly and if there is a hiccup it is dealt with swiftly.


In my opinion Partial Planning gives you some well deserved “time off” the planning process. It leaves you time to relax and enjoy the lead up to your wedding day. It is never too late to seek help planning your big day. I am always here to help finalise and perfect your wedding day. So if you are planning a wedding in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire or Northamptonshire and need some guidance and help then take a look at my  partial planning service.  I love to hear about all your plans and ideas and to help you to make them happen. 


Kate Nielen

Suzy Elizabeth Photography