How much time do you need to plan a wedding?

by | 10 October


How much time do you need to plan a wedding?  As a matter of a fact there is no definitive answer as it might depend on any number of factors.  For example, if there is a special venue that you have set your heart on which is fully booked for a year, and you are not willing to compromise, then you will know that you have at least a twelve month engagement.

I had a seven month engagement.  This was not by choice but due to work commitments and also having to take holiday at a specific time.  That was all very well, and I knew that I had a fairly tight timetable to work to.  As my job at the time was organising special events, I knew exactly what I had to do.  Within 24 hours I had decided upon and booked the reception venue, a private members’ club on the River Thames.  I had decided from the outset not to have a marquee as my sister had had a marquee reception and I wanted to do something different, although I do love a marquee.

However, there was a big drawback for me having such a short engagement, and that was my work commitments at the time.  We got engaged on February 12th (my husband had wanted to beat the Valentine’s rush) and married on the 23rd September.  It was during this time that I organised the largest event to date, which was a ball for 1,000 people, involving indoor and outdoor space, a large marquee and several prominent bands.  It was a huge, all encompassing project and I had to put all other work commitments on hold for a whole month.  I didn’t do it single handed as I had the help of a secretary and admin assistant, but I was managing it.  Thankfully, it was a great success and a good time had by all.

As you can imagine my wedding preparations and planning were neglected. Sadly, it did have to take second place, as work had to come first.  I found myself having to make many rushed decisions, and perhaps missing out on including some extra touches, if I had had more time.  Although it was one of the best days of my life, there is still a small glimmer of regret that I hadn’t had more time to research before making decisions.

There were not many Wedding Planners around when I got married.  I really think that I could have benefited from hiring one.  They could have taken over the planning, presented me with ideas and prompted me to make decisions whilst allowing me enough time not to feel rushed or under pressure.  It should after all be a happy experience and not one that leaves you feeling stressed and overtired, as the wedding day approaches.


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