How to choose your wedding music

by | 27 November


How to Choose Your Wedding Music


When planning your wedding with Joanna Wilford Weddings, whether it is in a marquee in beautiful rolling countryside or a historic Oxford/Oxfordshire venue, the significance of selecting the right music for your ceremony or drinks reception cannot be overstated. Here are key considerations:

Outdoor Versatility

If your vision is an outdoor ceremony or drinks reception, confirm that your musicians can perform in open spaces. Whether it’s a harpist, string quartet, singer, pianist, or an acoustic duo, clarify power requirements and discuss logistics for an enchanting outdoor performance.

Space and Sound

In the intimate setting of a marquee, space can be a consideration. Discuss space restrictions with your chosen musicians, tailoring the ensemble – be it a pianist, singer, or guitarist – to fit seamlessly within your venue’s dimensions

Nighttime Celebration

As the sun sets, the ambiance transforms into a lively celebration. Here are considerations for your nighttime musical festivities.

Sound Dynamics

Check for sound limiters at your venue, ensuring compliance with any noise restrictions. Our selection of bands and DJs at Joanna Wilford Weddings guarantees a balance between energy and venue guidelines.

Set Planning

Understanding how many sets your chosen band will perform helps in planning the evening flow. Clarify whether the band comes with a DJ or if a separate booking is necessary – we’re here to help you find the perfect musical ensemble for your celebration.

Dinner and Timings

Remember, even artists need to eat! Plan when the band will be fed and incorporate this into your schedule. Discuss catering arrangements in advance to ensure both your guests and performers are content.

Soundcheck Essentials

Timing is crucial for soundchecks. Bands may charge more for early setups, so plan accordingly. Joanna Wilford Weddings ensures your chosen musicians have sufficient time for a sound check without compromising your budget or schedule.

For further guidance on planning your perfect wedding day, visit Joanna Wilford Weddings ( Let the harmony of love resonate through every note, creating cherished memories that endure a lifetime.

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