May the perfect month to marry?

by | 19 May

The media has declared that the wedding season has arrived and is buzzing with wedding snippets and tips because of Pippa Middleton’s wedding on Saturday. A wedding in May, the perfect month, what a dream! However, I am sitting here at my desk, gazing out at another grey drizzly day, with the occasional downpours. It is the unfortunate reality of British weather, which makes me ponder if there really is the perfect month for a wedding. I too had wanted to marry in May but because of work commitments my dream sadly didn’t materialise, and so I married in late September, and the sun still shone brilliantly all day.

I wonder how many couples consider their honeymoon destination when choosing the month they get married? If you marry during the winter months, say November to February, you can choose a venue that highlights the best features of those months, such as roaring fires, romantic candlelight and fireworks. After the wedding you can leave the cold and damp behind and head off on your honeymoon to a fabulous destination such as the Caribbean, the Maldives or Thailand, which are at their best at this time of year. My choice would have to be the Maldives, in my opinion there is no place on earth quite like it, with powder white sands and crystal clear aquamarine waters. A truly Robinson Crusoe experience, but with first class service and accommodation. There are so many islands to choose from to suit all. My recommendation would be to find a specialist travel agent. Tropic Breeze who specialise in the Maldives and the Caribbean would be a good place to start. All the staff have visited the hotels and resorts so really do have first hand experience.

A spring or summer wedding makes a marquee reception a more viable choice. It gives you the option of some gorgeous European honeymoon destinations, such as Italy, France or Greece, with the added bonus of short flights. I think the most romantic hotel I have ever stayed in, is the Luna Convento on the Amalfi Coast. It was full of old charm and had the most beautiful cloisters where we enjoyed a chilled glass of Limoncello every evening.

I also rather like the look of a hotel in Paxos, one of the Greek Islands, called the Purple Apricot Hotel. It is a Simpson Travel hotel. It is described on the website as “refreshingly unconventional and aimed at those who value individuality and personal service. Each suite is an eclectic one-off; bohemian, flamboyant and a touch exotic”.

However, If you have your heart set on an exotic destination, you could follow in the footsteps of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and honeymoon in the Seychelles, as the months from March to November are a good time to visit.

The list is endless for exciting destinations, I have only touched upon a few. The most important ingredient for a honeymoon is time as a couple, away from everything.

Credits: Maldives beach – Charles Wilford
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