Oh what a dress!

The first photo of Pippa Middleton’s wedding I caught sight of was her arriving at church, where
she had stopped side on to pose for photographs with the background of beautiful white and pink
flowers. To me this immediately conjured up the image of the quintessential English country
wedding. The dress was simple, elegant and sophisticated, matched perfectly with the blush and
cream hues.. The question is, how long will it take for this style to be appear in the next issue of
Brides and on the bridal catwalk, in the same manner her big sister Kate’s became the new ‘it’
dress of 2011. To me it would rather be the delicate simplicity of her headdress, which paired with
an ethereal veil is a bridal style accessible to all.

Image: http://elleuk.cdnds.net/17/20/768×920/gallery-1495279058-gettyimages-685731004.jpg