Pre-Wedding Nerves

by | 22 May

I read an article in the Saturday Telegraph recently about brides suffering pre-wedding nerves in
the final few weeks, and consequently worrying about the little things. When you are tired and
overwhelmed it is easy to lose perspective. This is really the time a bride needs to take a small
step back and have a bit of time to herself.

These are my tips:

  1. Pamper. A quick fix solution is to have a pamper, but time is often in short supply during
    those last few weeks. I always head to Fawsley Hall Spa in Northamptonshire
    ( for some me time, which has a full array of
    Elemis treatments on offer. One of my favourite treatments is the Elemis hot stone massage which
    is so relaxing, you could float out of the treatment room. I like the sound of the Elemis Garden of
    England Rose Restore massage or the Elemis Biotec Radiance Renew facial is relaxing, but at the
    same time ensures your skin is radiant for the big day.
  2. Exercise and fresh air are also really good stress busters. If you can get out one weekend
    and have a good long walk in the countryside, it helps to put things into perspective. If you
    combine it with a pub lunch, all the better.

    The Bluebells are in flower at Coton Manor around the last week of April to the first week of May. Please see for more details.

  3. Have time out from wedding talk. This is easier said than done, but just the same as trying
    to switch off from work when you get home. A cinema or theatre trip could be a great form of
    distraction as you can absorb yourself in the story. Alternatively if you don’t have that time to
    spare, just fifteen minutes of reading can completely restore you. Jilly Cooper is the perfect tonic.
  4. Have a long soak in gorgeous scented bath oil. If I am tired I run myself a bath using my
    favourite Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil. The smell is divine and I feel so relaxed afterwards. To
    truly relax light a scented candle. I know it sounds obvious but it really helps.
  5. Have a notebook and write down all your worries and anxieties. If you have employed a
    wedding planner discuss these worries with them. It is their job to make sure that the run up to
    your big day is enjoyable and stress free.

These are my tips, but I decided to ask my husband for his suggestions, and this is what he came
up with.

  1. Is your fiancee a control freak? Some husbands to be are quite happy to leave all the finer
    points for you to decide whilst others will want an equal share in all decisions. Make sure you
    discuss this with your fiancee regularly, throughout the lead up to the big day. Keeping him calm
    will go a long way to lowering your stress levels too.
  2. Are you a risk taker? If the answer to this is no then don’t choose your wedding as a time to
    experiment. It may sound exciting, but equally is as likely to push the stress meter to 10 before
    your wedding day even arrives.

I hope this helps and I know some of the suggestions are very obvious but they are tried and