The benefits of holding a Marquee Wedding Reception

by | 9 April

I love a wedding reception in a marquee as it allows you to create a bespoke event.  You have a blank canvas to design and style the day as you wish.  Many marquee receptions will be held at either the bride or groom’s home which makes it unique to the couple.  If your garden is unsuitable to house a marquee, don’t give up on the idea as many gorgeous venues allow marquees in their grounds.  Other alternatives for marquee sites include village greens and some farmers are diversifying and providing good marquee locations, often with breathtaking views.

There are so many different styles of marquees to choose from, which sets the tone and style of your reception.  The traditional framed marquee is a good solid structure and the most flexible type of marquee.  It can be joined on to a building or divided up to offer alternative space such as a quiet zone.  I love the old fashioned pole marquee.  It creates images of traditional English country events but is better suited to a larger site if possible.  They do need to be set up on a grass surface and require guy ropes and stakes in the ground.  Your marquee company will need to carry out a thorough site visit checking for any underground services, it could potentially disturb.  In addition, there is wasted space as you have to allow for the poles, but having said that, they can be beautifully decorated with flowers.   It entirely depends on the backdrop you wish to create.

Tipis are increasingly popular and allow for a more informal, rustic country style wedding.  Although small, they can be joined together to achieve more space.  They look amazing festooned with strings of lights.  If you wish to follow the alternative theme then the magnificent Arabian tents are a good choice.  If you are after a more contemporary feel a stretch tent lends itself perfectly.  They are less formal and are freestanding.  The main benefit is that they can be placed on any surface, and it doesn’t need to be flat.

Once you have chosen your structure you have a wide choice of furniture, flooring and lighting.  The lighting can be used to create atmosphere and ambience in different parts of the marquee.  Chandeliers look great by the tables but more subdued lighting lends itself well to the quiet/chill out zone.  The possibilities are endless.

For the ultimate bespoke event, a marquee reception is the obvious choice.  If you are organising your wedding without help, there are various components to think about in addition to the main structure.  For example a catering tent, generator and loos.  You just need to adopt a calm, methodical approach.  However, if you hire a wedding planner, then all this is taken care of.


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