The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Stationery – Part 1

by | 14 March

We all know wedding stationery is an essential – but there are so many questions that go along with it!

I’m Joanna Wilford, a luxury wedding planner who specialises in marquee weddings for people who are time poor. I’m here to take away the stresses and strains of planning a wedding, and to answer any and every question for you!

So, let’s get going with some of the most frequently asked questions regarding wedding stationery…

Is wedding stationery important?

Yes it is very important, as it is the first glimpse that your guests will see of the style of wedding that you will be having, so it is worth spending time thinking about the design.

Do I need to send a Save the Date?

A Save the Date card or email should be sent to the guests once you have decided on a date and can be sent out a year in advance.  The save the date does not contain any details, apart from announcing that the couple will marry, a rough location, the date and the words “invitation to follow”.  There needs to be no mention of a venue or RSVP, often these details are a work in progress.

It really is worth sending these cards as it will ensure as many of your friends and family that you wish to invite know in advance, and don’t accept another invitation or book a holiday!

Do not expect a reply to a Save the Date card, some guests will reply but you are most likely to get guests who cannot attend replying to them.

What do I include on the invitation, and when should I send it?

The invitation should be sent out anytime between six weeks to three months before, the earlier the better for overseas guests. The wording should contain the name of the hosts, traditionally the bride’s parents, but with changing times it might be the name of the couple “together with their families”.

The invitation should have the following details:

  • The name of the couple marrying (first names & surnames)
  • The place where the ceremony or service is taking place
  • The date
  • The time (start and ending, otherwise known as carriages)
  • The reception details
  • RSVP details with a deadline date

Optional information to include on your invitation includes:

  • Wedding list information
  • Parking information & directions if the venues are rural or hard to find
  • Dress code
  • Menu choice card which can double up as an RSVP card


How do I collect RSVPs?

Some couples send an RSVP card with their invitation to ensure a straightforward and easy way to reply for their guests – hopefully this ensures prompt replies too!  Guests that cannot attend usually reply fairly quickly, which does mean that other guests that could not be included on the initial guest list due to numbers, can be invited in good time.

There is now the option of replying directly to the couple’s wedding website, which is password protected and details will be included on the invitation.  Wedding websites are a great way of providing all the useful and essential information, such as dress, accommodation, transport etc and can cut down on paper invitations, which means they’re an attractive option for the sustainably minded.

How do I choose a wedding stationery design?

There are so many wonderful options for wedding stationery from traditional letter press companies such as Gee Brothers –  to bespoke designers such as Lynda Loves. Do your research as most stationers will provide “off the peg” stationery and bespoke designs and what you choose is very dependent on budget.

There are some lovely ways to really personalise your stationery with the different types of printing such as flat printing, foil printing, various ink options, wax seals, vellum wraps, envelope liners and a calligraphy service.

Happy planning!


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