Finding your Dream Wedding Dress

by | 5 March


Once all the initial excitement and euphoria has subsided it is time for the bride to start thinking about wedding dresses.  It always takes longer to choose a dress than you think and it takes up to six months for a dress to be ready.  This is one of the most enjoyable elements of getting married and a time to feel really special.  Here are my top tips on choosing and buying your dream wedding dress.


  • Have a look at bridal boutiques’ websites and the dresses and designers they stock.
  • Once you have narrowed down your choice of bridal boutique book an appointment.  They can get very busy and will be extremely so once lockdown is lifted.
  • A typical appointment can be between one and a half to two hours long.
  • It is always a good idea to take a best friend or Mother, or both with you.  This is a lovely role for a chief bridesmaid, but don’t leave your Mum feeling left out.
  • Be prepared to pay a small fee for busy appointment times.  It is well worth it and is often refundable on the purchase of a dress.
  • You often end up choosing a different style of dress so go with an open mind.  The boutique staff will give you their undivided attention and offer you valuable advice.
  • Do have a budget in mind and let the boutique staff know so that you don’t fall in love with the wrong dress.
  • Think about your ceremony and venue.  It would be wrong to choose a dress that looks good in the City but not quite right in a countryside marquee.  You can still be elegant and sophisticated in the countryside, although you might be sensible not to choose a cathedral style train if you are walking across a field to a marquee.
  • Don’t be surprised if you don’t make a choice on the first visit and have to have a short list.  Make a follow-up appointment where you should be able to choose the dress.  Always have a follow-up appointment even if you have chosen the dress first time.  This allows you to change your mind before it is too late.
  • Once you have chosen your dress, take a photo of yourself in it so that you can give it to the florist to help with the style of bouquet.  Also your Hair and Make-up artist needs to see it, so take a picture along to your trial.
  • You can now have fun choosing shoes and accessories and don’t forget to take your shoes to any wedding dress fitting.


Good luck and I hope you have so much fun and excitement choosing and buying your dream wedding dress.  If you need any help or guidance with the rest of your planning do take a look at my wedding planning services




Photography: Suzy Elizabeth Photography

Dresses: White Lace and Butterflies