What to expect from Wedding Day Management/On the Day co-ordination

by | 18 June


Wedding Day Management is very popular as couples just want to relax and enjoy their day, spending time with family and friends.  It enables them to hand over the final stages of planning and the running of the day itself.  Who wants to have to worry about all the finer details when the all important wedding prep should be taking place.

I have had a real flurry of enquiries for this service, so let me explain how it works and what you should expect from such a service.

Firstly I will meet with you approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding so that you can run through plans to date, including all suppliers involved and their contact details.  From that meeting onwards you no longer have to worry about the minutiae and can start to look forward to the day itself.  It gives you ample time to take a bit of time for yourself – get pampered, have a massage or just have some leisure time, without thinking or panicking about what needs to be done.  Make sure to get plenty of sleep.



I will begin by contacting and reconfirming all your suppliers, ensuring the relevant contracts are in place, and being their main point of contact from there on.  It will give me an opportunity to check all the details and to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.  Don’t worry if it has, it can easily be remedied at this stage.  You do not want any nasty surprises on the wedding day itself.

Once I have all the salient information I can move on to produce a detailed timeline for the day for key personnel involved – family, wedding party and suppliers.  It is so important that everyone knows what they should be doing and when they should be doing it.  The day runs so much more smoothly and seamlessly.

About two weeks to a week before the wedding it will be time for me to communicate final numbers to the caterers and the venue if applicable.  At this stage your table plan can be finalised and there is some excellent software that can help you make this task simple.

By now the wedding day is nearly upon you.  I will meet you for a final walk through of the ceremony/service and reception and attend a rehearsal if you are having a church service.  This is not usually available for civil services.

The day itself will be co-ordinated by me including the ceremony/service, wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cutting and first dance.  I will check that everything is in place for the reception and be present for 10 hours on the day, ready at the church or ceremony venue.  I will deal with the unforeseen, which can happen but you will be blissfully unaware of.  In the case of marquee weddings I will be involved in the set up making sure that everything happens on time.

On top of all this I will be providing approximately 10 hours of office work prior to the wedding. The final few weeks leading up to the wedding are always busy with so much detail to attend to.



I really believe this wedding day management is invaluable.  It means that you can both enjoy the magic of your special day and the run up to it without worrying about the tiny detail or running yourself ragged.




Photography: Suzy Elizabeth Photography